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VACATION as an adventure

Here are our 6 recommendations to see and visit in the vicinity. When creating the list, we considered families with children, nature enthusiasts, and culture lovers. We hope this selection brings you exciting tips and ideas.


In Angla, Saaremaa’s only windmill hill that has preserved its appearance awaits you. In total, the windmill hill features five windmills, with four being typical Saaremaa windmills and one being a Dutch-type mill.

In addition, you can see historic farm machinery and, during the summer season, a wide range of farm animals and birds. You will also find a museum of local folk culture, a café, and a souvenir shop.

Koigi Bog

Explore Saaremaa’s largest bog by hiking along a 4.8 km trail. A wood chip trail and a boardwalk run through the bog around Lake Pikkjärv. There’s a pleasant viewing platform by the lake, providing a spot for rest and picnics.

The 9-metre observation tower along the trail provides a breathtaking view of the beautiful bog. In autumn, cranberries ripen in the bogs near the trail.

Sassimaja Tavern

Sassimaja Tavern is located in Leisi and is the nearest eatery to Mönus Paik.

The tavern is located in a building with a long history. In the summer, its facade is concealed under a thick carpet of greenery, making it a distinctive landmark in North Saaremaa. The menu is crafted with local ingredients, trying to use as many locally sourced items as possible.

Triigi Philharmonic House & Café Agar Agar

The Triigi Philharmonic House stands as a true gem in Saaremaa’s cultural landscape, presenting captivating musicians and a thoughtfully curated cultural programme during the summer season. See this season’s programme below.

Right next to the Triigi Philharmonic House is the Agar Agar café, with fresh cakes, paninis and ice cream on the menu.

Tuhkana BEACH
and camping area

The nearby Tuhkana beach is one of the best and most beautiful sandy beaches in North Saaremaa.

From Mönus Paik, it is 23 km to Tuhkana. Upon arrival, a boardwalk through the pine forest leads you from the car park to the 500-metre-wide sandy beach. Unlike the southern beaches of Saaremaa, the water here gets deep quickly. Hence, with a slightly stronger north wind, you can experience a real action of waves at Tuhkana beach. A volleyball court awaits sports fans on the beach. The nearby forests, on the other hand, are a treasure trove for mushroom and berry lovers.

Saaremaa Zoo

Just 20km from Mönus Paik, in Maasi, is Saaremaa’s first zoo, freshly opened at the beginning of summer 2023.

The concept of the zoo originated from the idea of an amusement park and café and has since evolved into a fully fledged zoo with nearly 1000 inhabitants. The zoo is home to both domestic and exotic animals and birds. The park is continuously evolving, with new birds and animals being added regularly. Risto Ränk and his team strive to surprise visitors with something new every season.